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Have you lot lot guys been seeing see my piffling potato.  And who could blame them?) terminal weekend.  While on the create across the the world they unremarkably stop for a piffling procedure at Starbucks , most ofttimes for a chai tea latte.  I tested out the recipe the mean value solar daytime before they got here likewise holy smokes!  Waaaaayyyy ameliorate than Starbucks!  I made it for them the following morning time alongside our breakfast likewise my mom at in 1 lawsuit off got onto Amazon to companionship her receive simulate of the cookbook along alongside a majority companionship of the spices needed to construct the tea.

To construct a batch of the tea , the ingredients cost me around $2 likewise it made 8 servings.  That's 8 chai lattes I wouldn't buy from a coffee check $5 each.  With the cost of the institute milk added inwards , each latte I construct at dwelling describe of piece of work solid is adept under $1 each.  Plus , I know but what goes into my tea likewise tin hand the sack ascendency if I wishing it alongside more than or less sweetener each time.

But here I am rambling on nigh a tea when you lot lot came here to reckon what these Smokey Pecan Brussels Sprouts are all about.  I've made this recipe twice... likewise ate the whole pot inwards 1 sitting... twice.  The recipe says it is for iv side servings , but as a Nutritarian , I tin hand the sack swallow LOTS of veggies , thence I would tell it is closer to two sides or 1 meal size serving.  The sweetness of the maple syrup alongside the smokey bitter of the Brussels sprouts couplet perfectly.  This would locomote an ideal recipe for a household unit of measurement of measuring opor-garai dinner side.  Or to construct randomly likewise swallow shamelessly all to yourself.

Smokey Pecan Brussels Sprouts
By Kathy Hester , The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook for Your Instant Pot.
Recipe attributes: gluten-free , soy-free , no added oil
Kathy's Recipe introduction:  This recipe testament turn your sprout haters into sprout devourers!  I used a variation of this to learn Cheryl to seek sprouts for the offset time.  The sweetness likewise smokey flavour truly construct these Brussels sprouts addictive.
Time: <5 min prep , two minutes High Pressure , Quick Release , 2-5 min saute
Servings: iv side dish servings (1 nutritarian serving , cus we similar our veggies!)

    Pressure Cooker Ingredients:
        two cups shaver infant Brussels Sprouts , as shut to the same size as possible
        1/4 loving loving cup water
        1/2 tsp liquid smoke
    Saute Ingredients:
        1/4 loving loving cup chopped pecans
        two Tbsp maple syrup
        Salt , to taste

1.)  For the pressure level grade cooker , add together together the Brussels sprouts , H2O , likewise liquid fume to your Instant Pot likewise mix well.  Put the lid on likewise shut the pressure level grade valve.  Cook on high pressure level grade for two minutes.  (Note: If you lot lot bring truly large Brussels sprouts , you lot lot may require to double the cooking time.)
2.)  Once the cooking 4th dimension is upward , carefully motion the pressure level grade allow on valve to allow on the pressure level grade manually.
3.)  For the saute , switch to the saute concern component division likewise add together together the pecans likewise maple syrup likewise cutting the liquid as you lot lot consummate cooking the sprouts.  Remove from the oestrus 1 fourth dimension tender likewise add together together table common salt to taste.

Per Serving: Calories 96.4 , protein 2.2 g , total obese 5.5 g , carbohydrates 11.7 g , sodium 11.9 mg , fiber 2.4 g

Brussels sprouts vary greatly inwards size.  Do your best to choice ones shut inwards size or cutting the largest ones inwards half.  You tin hand the sack occupation frozen sprouts inwards this recipe , but upward the cooking 4th dimension past times times a min or two depending on their size.

Convinced you lot lot require this cookbook inwards your life?  Find it here on Amazon for purchase.

Health likewise Happiness ,

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